Salvation Questions

Some Things To Chew On

Why did Jesus die for us?

Why does a loving God allow evil?

Why isn’t everyone saved?

Why do we need to “confess Christ”?

Why do we need to be baptized?

Why is Jesus called “The Lamb of God”?

Why did God establish covenants with man?

Why do we need to read the Bible?

Why do we need to pray?

Why do we need to fight spiritual battles?

Why does God give us spiritual gifts?

Why must we suffer for Christ?

Why did Jesus have to be both man and God?

Practical Application

How can we be saved?

How do we know for sure we are saved?

How do we “follow Christ”?

How can we walk in righteousness?

How do we overcome sinful habits?

How do we “put on” the armor of God?

How do we “take up our cross”?

How do we bear kingdom fruit in our lives?

How can we experience the Presence of God?

How can we know for sure Scripture is true?

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